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  • Pre-owned Shimadzu LC-15C
  • Pre-owned Shimadzu LC-15C
  • Pre-owned Shimadzu LC-15C
Pre-owned Shimadzu LC-15CPre-owned Shimadzu LC-15CPre-owned Shimadzu LC-15C

Pre-owned Shimadzu LC-15C

  • Product description: Pre-owned Shimadzu LC-15C

grayicon.gif Equipment components features
· LC-15C liquid feeding unit
The LC-15C, which inherits the superior performance of the Prominence LC-20AT, delivers unprecedented liquid-carrying performance through improved conveyor systems. The floating plunger support mechanism is used to increase the service life of the plunger and plunger seal ring. It is a high-performance liquid-feeding unit with excellent durability.
· SPD-15C UV Visible Dual Wavelength Detector
SPD-15C is an UV-visible dual wavelength detector that pursues outstanding performance and functionality, with high sensitivity and wide linear range from Prominence
SPD-20A inherits the outstanding performance. Four measurement methods (dual-wavelength detection, proportional chromatography, wavelength-time program, and pump-stop scan) can meet various measurement needs. The use of optional solvent circulation valves not only reduces the cost of analysis, but also contributes to environmental protection.
· SIL-10AF Autosampler
The SIL-10AF is an autosampler that seeks reliability and high performance. Improve the quality of each component and ensure long-term continuous use of stability. The unique injection method provides excellent quantitative reproducibility. Intelligent operations such as dilution, addition, and programming can be realized, and preprocessing functions such as automatic derivation of samples can also be realized.
· CTO-15C Column Thermostat/Reservoir
CTO-15C has been newly designed, with column thermostat and liquid storage box as one, simple and practical. The liquid storage box can accommodate three mobile phase bottles with a capacity of 1000 mL or four 500 mL. The column oven uses a module heating mechanism to accurately adjust the column temperature and maintain the stability of the analysis. At the same time, it is also possible to install the manual sample injector on the fluid reservoir to optimize the flow volume of the system.
grayicon.gif Recommended Configuration Example

· Equality System (Essentia ISO-UV)
Composition: basic configuration, isocratic elution
Purpose: Suitable for routine pharmaceutical analysis, chemical analysis, teaching practice, etc.
Even simple systems, Essentia can provide high-quality performance and reliable analytical data. According to need, the system can be upgraded.

· Binary high pressure gradient system (Essentia HGE-UV)
Composition: High-performance system using independent binary high-pressure gradient elution method.
Purpose: HPLC for routine to semi-preparative analysis.
The liquid delivery unit consists of two independent LC-15C feed pumps and is flexible in configuration.

· Four-element low pressure gradient system (Essentia LGE-UV)
Composition: Flexible system using a four-element low-pressure gradient elution method.
Purpose: A wide range of applications, from method development to routine analysis.
Space-saving design, the low-pressure gradient unit is built into the LC-15C feed pump.


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