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  • Second hand Agilent 1100
Second hand Agilent 1100

Second hand Agilent 1100

main parameter
Parameters of Agilent 1100 pump system
The capillary liquid pump system controlled by electronic flow control valve (EFC) is of high precision and wide range of flow rate.

Column flow velocity range:
1-20ul/min; 10-100ul/min (optional)
0.001-2.5m1/min (EFC closed state)
High pressure preparation pump system, unit or dual high pressure preparation pump
Velocity range: 0.001-100m1/min
Analytical pump system
Velocity range:
Unit pump: 0.001-10m1/min
Two yuan pump: 0.001-5m1/min
Four yuan pump: 0.001-10m1/min


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