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SHIMADZU was selected as a "good legal person in health management" to "White500 ~" in Japan

Recently, SHIMADZU was selected as a list of "good legal person ~White500~" in the Japanese economic and industrial province.
"Healthy operation excellent legal person ~White500~" is a system approved by the Ministry of economy and industry to work together with the Japanese health conference, and the insurance company to perform health management policies. Since the implementation of the system, SHIMADZU has been commended for two years in a row.
SHIMADZU's "Declaration of health"
To protect every employee's health and safety and create a dynamic working environment is the foundation for realizing the company's business philosophy "for the health of mankind and the earth". In order to achieve this desire, SHIMADZU formulated a health declaration in October 2017.
1. guardians of health
Attach great importance to your own health and develop self-discipline and healthy behavior. Work together with the surrounding colleagues to create a safe, safe and comfortable working environment.
2. sustainable health
We always uphold the idea of promoting employee health since 1875, and at the same time, provide the most advanced technology and services to ensure the health of employees and the whole society and promote their career development.
3. contribute to a healthy future society
Guided by the entrepreneurial spirit of "making contributions to science and technology to society" under the guidance of the health of employees and their families, guided by the health of employees and their families, we will work together with the community to contribute to creating a richer future society.


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