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Frontier observation of Chinese medicine: when modern technology is integrated with the gems of the quintessence

Chinese medicine is one of the four quintessence of China, and traditional Chinese medicine is the root of the development of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The reason why Chinese medicine has become the hot spot and focus topic recently is that the Chinese medicine law has just been introduced. With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, traditional Chinese medicine has become one of the treasures of the world recognized across the seas of the medical profession. In recent years, the quality of medicines safety problems in our country repeatedly made in June 18th, held in Beijing Chinese medicine analysis and standardization of Chinese frontier technology seminar, the experts on the identification and breeding, varieties of Chinese medicine effective components of discovery and identification, the quality control of the drug, drug dosage forms and other aspects of the research and discussion of the report. The seminar is the World Federation of Chinese medicine analysis special seminar Specialized Committee eighth annual international academic conference and the analysis of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine analysis sponsored by Specialized Committee, National Engineering Laboratory for TCM standardization technology by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Agilent technology contractors.
The world of the frontier technology of traditional Chinese Medicine
The research of Chinese medicine has entered the age of genome. Dr. Xu Jiang, a researcher from the Chinese Academy of Chinese medicine (Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine), on behalf of Chen Shilin, on behalf of the researcher, described the subject and application of the genomics. The genomic genetic information by using proteomics technology research of traditional Chinese medicine and its regulatory network, explain the molecular mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine on prevention and treatment of human diseases, contains many aspects of structural genomics, functional genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, apparent group, metagenomics, used in many fields of biology, genome medicinal mode breeding, identification of traditional Chinese medicine and study of geoherbs etc.. Materia medica genomics provides a theoretical basis for the research of Chinese herbal medicine, providing technical support for the biosynthesis and metabolic engineering of secondary metabolites of Chinese herbal medicine, and providing a scientific basis for the study of compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine, guiding drug development and rational drug use. At the same time, materia medica genomics lays the foundation for the improvement of traditional Chinese medicine and the protection of gene resources. It opens a new window for the mutual research between Chinese medicine and environment, and promotes the modernization of Chinese medicinal materials cultivation.
Dr. Xu Jiang continued to introduce a number of successful cases in the genome study group Chen Shilin and significant influence in the Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng and other medicinal herbs in the industry, through continuous on the genome, has formed the gene pool and the process has the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, he said, the genomics of both scientific significance and application potential to promote the integration of the world, cutting-edge technology of traditional Chinese medicine.
Safety first, effective first
In recent years, Chinese medicine has been criticized and criticized in the world, which is related to safety. The unstable quality of Chinese medicinal materials and the backwardness of traditional Chinese medicine production are the main reasons for the instability of quality. The lack of standardized and reliable quality control is the deeper root. In the analysis of the whole idea of detecting the development status of domestic and foreign elements in valence detection of heavy metals as well as traditional Chinese medicine, Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Inspection Institute of traditional Chinese medicine health food room room / Director Ji Shen at the seminar on cinnabar, realgar and Cordyceps as an example, to share the reasonable control of exogenous heavy metals varieties and HPLC-ICPMS technology limited. In addition, director Ji Shen said that the establishment of a sound safety standard for Chinese medicine needs to be combined in many disciplines to jointly study the safety of the valence state of the elements.
In addition to security, the discovery and cognition of other trace elements in traditional Chinese medicine is also a potential growth point for the application of traditional Chinese medicine. Ye Min, Vice Dean of School of pharmacy, Peking University Health Science Center, takes ginseng and Glycyrrhiza uralensis as an example, and details the experience of identification and analysis of effective components of Chinese medicinal herbs by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. Ye Min Dean said, hplc-tofms spccificity, scientific and reliable, can make all kinds of detection components undetected "".
The chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine is the material basis of the effect of traditional Chinese medicine, and the key to realize the development of traditional Chinese medicine is to make clear the chemical composition of Chinese medicine. How to quickly find effective components and accurately identify the structure is an urgent problem to be solved. Manager of standard research department Shanghai stunt standards technical services Co. Ltd. Yang Zhou said at the seminar: "Chinese medicine complex, clear material basis composition is difficult, plus the compounds from natural products is low, so the conventional means it is difficult to separate the various properties of complex compounds.  Therefore, in the study of natural products, the application of high resolution mass spectrometry database is indispensable. " Yang manager to analyze Gastrodia and saffron for example, pointed out that the full utilization of traditional Chinese medicine high resolution mass spectrometry database analysis not only save time, but also improve the operation accuracy, repeatability and efficiency of separation and purification.
According to the latest version of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia" requirements, need for determination of loganin in Liuweidihuang Pill, six Monod / glycoside content of ursolic acid and paeonol were quantified, and in fact for the six herbs mixture of Chinese medicine, only the detection of 3-4 kinds of the group is not enough. Therefore, the use of UHPLC instead of HPLC for determination of the composition of senior experts Xiao Yao suggested Agilent liquid chromatographic fingerprinting method of dual wavelength UHPLC within 9 minutes of the 11 components in six Dihuang preparation were determined, rapid and comprehensive determination of Six Ingredient Rehmannia preparation.
In addition, Xiao Yao also introduced the first UHPLC-QQQ MS method used in the six flavored Rehmannia preparation, which can detect 21 components at the same time. With the help of various advanced technologies, the Six Ingredient Rehmannia Pill, an ancient TCM name, is expected to get new annotation and development, and constantly refreshing fresh and wonderful content.
New technology for the development of Chinese Pharmacology "like tigers


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