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Agilent won the 2018 scientist selection Award

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announced 2018 days before he won two annual scientists Choice Awards, including 1260 Agilent Infinity II Prime liquid chromatography system was the best separation of new products, Agilent Ultivo three triple quadrupole LC-MS system the best mass of new products.
SelectScience in February 28th in the American state of Florida Orlando held an international meeting in Pittsburgh in 2018 the United States Congress, and announced that the scientists selected the award winners in 2018 in the exhibition.
This year, Agilent won the third prize for the best separation of new products and the best mass spectrometry new product award for the scientist's Choice Award.
Agilent senior vice president of life science and application market group president Patrick Kaltenbach said: "we uphold the principle of" targeted show ingenuity 'concept, is committed to the promotion of the market to meet customer needs and exceed customer expectations of product innovation. It can get two nominations and awards in the same year, which represents a high recognition of the professional status of Agilent separator and mass spectrometry products.
Agilent 1260 Infinity II Prime liquid chromatography system is suitable for HPLC and UHPLC analysis, with outstanding functions and convenient operation. The automation of the system can reduce the error prone manual intervention, combined with a pressure range of up to 800 bar, and can provide excellent results of separation analysis. Agilent's intelligent system simulation technology (ISET) is beneficial to the seamless transfer of methods between different brands of liquid chromatograph.
Agilent Ultivo three quadrupole liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (hlc-lc-ms) system is designed for a more demanding customer workflow. It has strong performance, excellent normal running time and wide applicability. The volume is reduced by 70% compared with that of the previous generation. Ultivo has a user configurable Quant-My-Way MassHunter software interface, this design makes the Ultivo become the three triple quadrupole LC-MS instruments the most humane system, without the need to expand the existing laboratory scale or accept the high cost of software training, can enable scientists to improve flux analysis. With the combination of Ultivo and 1260 Infinity II Prime liquid chromatography, the two instrument is an avatar as a set of powerful liquid and mass combined three quadrupole system.
The annual scientist selection award aims to commend laboratory products and manufacturers who have made outstanding contributions to the industry. SelectScience since 2007 to set up a scientist's Choice Award, is committed to let scientists have the best laboratory products and invite scientists in each one airs his own views, each category is the most love are to vote, then announced the winners at scientific meetings.


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