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Promoting academic exchanges both at home and abroad and assisting the standardization of immunochemical testing

In April 14, 2017, the eighteenth National Symposium on diagnostic pathology and lymphohematopoietic tissue pathology was held in Taiyuan by the editorial board of Chinese Journal of pathology and the Chinese Medical Association pathology branch. Mr. Karsten Nielsen, chief scientist of Agilent technology DAKO attended the conference and delivered speeches, and discussed the PD-L1 testing workflow, interroom quality control and standardization of immunohistochemistry.
Agilent's Dako has been deep in the field of antibody standardization in more than 50 years of experience, as the industry's leading science pathological solutions provider, launched a comprehensive and high-quality diagnostic antibodies, reagents, instruments, software, cancer diagnosis and clinical laboratory help research institutions to make accurate based on tissue cells, and help them to cancer to carry out the most effective treatment for patients. Agilent Dako has been working closely together in the field of interroom quality assessment (EQA), research and development, reagents development and so on.
With the development of the precision medical plan and the accompanying diagnosis, it is the key to establish an effective quality control system and implement the system. "We are very honored to be able to work with the leading pathological quality control institutions to promote the standardization of immunohistochemistry and the promotion of quality control." Department of diagnostic and genome Agilent Technologies learn Mr. Jin Keming, general manager of Greater China sales said, "in the fight against cancer, Agilent Dako is a global pathology laboratory trusted partner, we actively help the industry to exchange and share, and promote the healthy development of China pathological, so as to better support the cause of the fight against cancer."
The IHC antibody of PD-L1 RUO concentrate is the latest product launched by Agilent Dako, which is currently only used for scientific research. It contains 0.2 ml of concentrated liquid, mouse anti human monoclonal antibody, and the clone number is 22C3. Its outstanding performance in dyeing specificity, dyeing quality, and the ability to provide scientific research and exploration will provide more antibody selection for different laboratory studies.
Pathological diagnosis is an important part of tumor diagnosis, and pathological quality control is very important for the accuracy of pathological diagnosis. Agilent technology and global experts work together to build a seamless connection between instruments, consumables, software and services, and provide accurate and reliable solutions for customers.


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