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Agilent Introduces New Reagents for Cancer Diagnostics

Agilent Introduces New Reagents for Cancer Diagnostics

Dako Omnis Innovative Developers Provide Superior Dyeing Performance

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announced the introduction of a new patented color reagent for immunohistochemistry, the HRP magenta color reagent for Dako Omnis. This new chromogenic agent has excellent dyeing properties and is particularly suitable for the assessment of skin and lung tissue.
Christian Sauber, Agilent Vice President and General Manager, Pathology Division, stated: “In order to make our innovative HRP magenta color developer even better for our customers, we provide vivid, clear and specific dyeing that helps our customers easily identify and Different from brown staining."
When diagnosing cancer, pathologists usually stain the tumor sample with a brown stain called DAB. For skin and lung biopsies, they usually choose red stains to make a clear contrast with the brown melanin in the skin and the common pollution in the lung tissue.
When introducing the HRP magenta color reagent to the University Hospital in Bonn, Germany, Professor Glen Kristiansen, MD, said: “The contrast is obvious and clear, and it makes people understand at a glance.”
Although HRP magenta coloring agent is transparent, it is clearly visible and has vivid colors. This allows the pathologist to distinguish the tissue structure and cell details even in the case of over-staining. Nuclei can be easily identified and all details are clearly visible.
HRP Magenta Developer Dako Omnis, flagship instrument for Agilent immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization studies. This chromogen design was inspired by a well-known chromogenic agent that has been used for many years in other industries. Agilent modified the molecules to make it more suitable for cancer diagnosis.
Dako Omnis can use the new HRP magenta color reagent together with the existing Dako EnVision FLEX (DAB) colorimetric system, allowing the lab to use only brown and Magenta is dyed in two colors. This increased flexibility in dyeing can shorten the analysis cycle, streamline the workflow, and accelerate patient diagnosis.
The product is first listed in the United States and Europe, and will be released later in other countries.


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